Update Request

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We have been working on this new API for the last 9 months, and finally, we are slowly releasing this update to our customers with active subscription plans.

The full marketing information about this new release will be available soon, the quick highlights are:

Please fill out the form below and you will be selected to be updated in the next weeks.

  • The project name used to access your ordering dashboard. It can also be found here on your ordering builder on my.ordering.co please check screenshot https://d.pr/i/vSKB9f
  • 1. authorize.net 2. invoicing system 3. auto assign order to driver 4. unassigned orders to all drivers
  • 1. gprs printers . 2. inventory 3. tookan 4. zones with km/miles radio setup 5. facebook 6. push notifications with one signal. 7. stripe connect
  • This is a one time offer and is only available on this upgrade request form. If you click yes, your plan with be upgraded and all the extensions from https://marketplace.ordering.co/ will be included in your installation.