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Restaurant Ordering App Template

Start selling all the Food & Dishes you have On your Web & iOs and Android Apps. Upload the products, set up the Menus and Schedules, launch in less than 1 week.

You don’t need to be a developer to create the best ordering platform, we got that covered.

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Groceries Template

Perhaps you are looking for something more specific, like selling some groceries with the platform.

We got the perfect template for that, with some nice pictures and easy options for your customer to choose the quantity of product to purchase. It’s your call, Start today.

You don’t need to be a developer to create the best ordering platform, we got that covered.

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food web template

No coding skills required to create your site

You are able to edit all the templates for your website from your Ordering Builder & Dashboard.

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Looking to put your Ordering Platform on other Website Builder? All you need to do is take the lines of code that your installation has and paste them into any theme you love.

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Food Ordering & Delivery Website Templates

All of our Templates includes each of the steps for a successful Ordering process – Whole System & back-end included

Explained in 5 simple steps.

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1st - Set Your Geolocation

First, the customer will get on your homepage and according to the address, the platform will show all the business available, you administrate these stores from your dashboard.

2nd - Choose Store

Second, when the available businesses are shown, the customer will have the chance to select the one that he likes most. You can also edit logos & banners, we recommend to use some elegant images.

food delivery template

3rd - Add your products to the cart

Third, here you will see the menu available at that time, you can take a good look at all the product the business offers, you are also able to see if there is any offers or combos, select the ones you want and proceed to the payment.

food delivery website template

4th - Easy Checkout

Fourth, You are able to see what your purchase is going to be, select the payment method you need, maybe thru PayPal or credit card with Stripe, and proceed to the payment.

ordering website template

5th - Confirmation & Tracking

Fifth, after the payment is done, all you need to do is wait for delivery, or in case you choose pickup, you just have to get going to the store to get your products.

Easy ordering, made easier.

food app template

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