Ordering Prime: White Label Reseller Business Program

Join our reseller program for Online Ordering e-commerce Apps. Make thousands of dollars with our technology by offering high-quality Apps for local shops & delivery businesses.

What is it?

Ordering Prime is a reseller program for the products of Ordering.co. This program will allow any person to offer an excellent solution to local single businesses specialized in any product or service as a delivery or pickup on-demand. You will be able to offer everything a business needs for online ordering and management under a white-label license.

Start selling easily. This is why and how:

Start in less than 24 hours

We provide a marketplace site with your brand ready to go.

Personalize it with your Brand

Send us your Logo & Images & we will add them immediately.

Products ready to go

The technology is available to be used & customized.


Why Agencies & Resellers love the reseller program?

Completely customizable

Adapt the looks and colors of any product for your customers.

A business with future

The usage of mobile Apps is growing every day. You can benefit out of this, make a lot of money!

Sell it to everyone

You can sell to different local businesses. The only limit is your creativity.

100% White-label

You are the brand. We are your technology. Sell our products with your brand.

Use your domain & brand

Get your exclusive website under your domain and brand. 100% white-label.

No coding needed

You do not have to be a developer to start selling our products & manage them.

Adapt it to any culture and country

Use it in any language. Set the local currency and change any wording in the system according to your needs.

Which products can you offer to your customers?

Fully mobile responsive. Any business owner can log in and check the new orders and manage them. They will be able to modify product information, price and much more.

white label reseller program
Ordering Editor Info.

Your customers will have an Ordering App connected to their websites. It can be done for iOS & Android. 100% White label

e commerce website reseller
Ordering App Info.

Your customers will have their ordering website with their logo and colors. 100% white label.

best white label reseller programs
Ordering Website Info.

Business can get their orders quickly sent to an App for any mobile device on iOS and Android. They will be able to accept or reject orders. 100% White label.

best white label app builder
Business App Info.

Give each of the drivers of a restaurant an App to get orders and to accept and reject orders.

white label website builder reseller
Delivery App Info.

Some of your customers have existing websites so you can add the ordering widget on top of it to install the online ordering without changing anything. Excellent solution for any current sites.

app reseller program
Ordering Widget Info.

Who will be your customers?

The market is huge for the online ordering Apps, and you will make a lot of money by offering online ordering technology for all these verticals. Any person or institution that exchanges a product or service for money is a potential customer for you. The potential for growth of your business is enormous.

You can also sell to any shop in any country, your license as a reseller limited to one country or a particular location.

  • Restaurants

  • Grocery shops

  • Supermarkets

  • Beverages shops

  • Cannabis shops

  • Dry-cleaning stores

  • Catering services

  • Flower delivery

  • Beauty salons

  • Homemade food delivery

  • Auto parts shops

  • Pharmacy stores

  • Drugstores

  • Healthcare stores

  • Taxi services

  • Clothe stores

  • Shoe stores

  • Accessories & Fashion stores

  • Plumbing services

  • Furniture stores

  • Any other shop which offers any service or product

white label app builder

What do you get when you join the reseller program?

Free hosting

We will host your pre-designed website page on our AWS servers for free.

Know-How from Ordering.co for Growth Hacking

We will give you useful tips of which tools to get extra traffic to your website and sell more.

Free Support

For any technical problems with the Apps of your customers, we will offer you free support service. You can report any problem directly to us.

Ordering Builder access

Build the Apps for your customers in a simple way without coding.

You will get white-label demos

– Ordering website for one business
– Ordering App for one business
– Delivery App
– Business App
– Ordering Widget demo

How to make money

Promote your Marketplace

Use your social media channels, it is always useful to start the business with the closest people to you. Your friends and family will support you by sharing your new marketplace to get new leads.

Work on your SEO

We will give you some good information about what to use to increase the traffic on your new site

Recommend the products to your friends and family.

To get your first cases, ask your friends and family if they can use your products, that way you will have your first customers.

Read our training information.

Reading our training documents will make you a better seller. This translates into more money for you.

Visit stores owners personally.

Visiting local stores who are not aware of the great products you offer. They will appreciate when you show them personally.

Send marketing emails.

We will give you great tips to convert your leads into customers by doing online marketing.



Make thousands of dollars reselling our products


$ 999

Customized Website
Material to add information to your site
Mockups Pre-designed banner
Free Hosting & Support
Know-How from Ordering.co for Growth Hacking
Demo Whitelabel Ordering App
Demo Whitelabel Delivery App
Demo Whitelabel Business App
Demo Whitelabel WebsiteΒ 


$ 2,499

One Time Payment
Customized Website
Material to add information to your site
Mockups Pre-designed banner
Free Hosting & Support
Know-How from Ordering.co for Growth Hacking
Demo Whitelabel Ordering App
Demo Whitelabel Delivery App
Demo Whitelabel Business App
Demo Whitelabel WebsiteΒ 

Resellers Products

Along with your package, you'll be able to get a special price to sell products to your users.

See Resellers Special Prices

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