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Delivery Dashboard | Food Delivery Apps
Delivery Dashboard | Ordering | Live Tracking | Notifications Channel

Delivery Improved Right Here

Delivery Options to the perfect delivery

Your business can:

Assign Drivers
Allow the system to automatically assign each order
Follow drivers on the map

See Order Details

Your drivers and the business owners are able to see every single order detail in one screen.

Easy Peasy Delivery

Route Map (Live Tracking)
Accept or Reject Orders easily
Set Unavailable Status
Take Pictures, Notes & Photos
Delivery Dashboard | Order Details | Ordering co

Keep Full Revenue

We don’t take a single penny, All the revenue you make through your site is 100% Yours.

Delivery Dashboard & Delivery Apps For Management

Our system allows you to set up delivery companies or even your own drivers.

Manage your drivers and driver managers
Assign drivers to orders
Restaurants confirm preparation time directly from their phone
Drivers confirm orders delivery time directly from their phone
Users Track orders on Real-time

Everyday improving for more useful tools for your success.

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