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Ordering has been using Tend for a while, and we strongly recommend it.

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Never guess where your leads or customers came from again. See every page they looked at, ad they’ve clicked on and which site they came from.Β Know who’s interested and why. integrated with Ordering
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Tend is the search tool that gives you clear answers to important questions.

-Where my customers are coming to my Ordering Website?

-Are they looking at all my Ads?

-My Ordering Widget is getting some clicks?

Find out where you can improve the way you do Ordering and achieve success.

We have chosen TEND as a partner because it is a great powerful tool to discover important information about your traffic converting into customers. When you have this information, your marketing actions are a lot more simple and effective. We use TEND also for our business and marketing strategies for… I also love the interface and support service they offer, it just makes you feel happy all the time – Great job guys!

Alonso - Co-CEO, Ordering.

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