How Ordering.Co powers up your business?

Take a look at all features we offer

General Features

Self-hosting option
Improved PayPal and Stripe checkout
Ready-to-use system
White-label (optional)
Up in the cloud with AWS
100% customizable visuals with our Ordering Builder & Dashboard
SEO capable
Startup Center included
Multi-language for Dashboard
Full custom project & management
Custom mobile & app design

Automatical updates
Fastest system on the web
Unlimited businesses creation
Custom POS integration
World class hosting
You own your data
Customization center included
Multi-language for users
Fast-lane e-mail support
Custom web design
Custom payment gateway

Online Ordering

Track Orders
Online ordering for businesses with any kind of product
Online ordering for pickup
In-house (In-place) ordering (directly on the table)
Customizable taxes

Orders History
Online ordering for local delivery
Online ordering for immediate delivery
Minimum order verification
Tip input possibility with %

Products & platforms

Front-end user web version
Ordering iOS App
Facebook Log-in thru App
Dashboard mobile web version
Orders Business Android App
Single-Business Ordering Android App (sold as an extension)
Delivery Android App

Front-end user mobile version
Ordering Android App
Dashboard web version
Orders Business iOS App
Single-Business iOS Ordering App (Sold as an extension)
Delivery iOS App


Email notifications
SMS notifications
Fax notifications (Integration)
Push notifications
Business Android App
Single-Business Ordering Android App (sold as an extension)
Delivery Android App

GRPS/SMS printers
Cloud printers
Phone Call
Notifications for the dashboard (web)
Business iOS App
Single-Business iOS Ordering App (Sold as an extension)
Delivery iOS App

Multi-store features and details

Delivery Search by Address
Delivery Search by Neighborhood/Area
Filter by business/restaurant
Direct access to business by URL
Informative pop-up when there were no businesses found
Business information tab
Video gallery for business

Delivery Search by Zip Codes
Search for pickup
Direct access to the city by URL
Business listing page
Business listing with search filter & options
Picture gallery for business

Business Menu (Product) Page detailed features

Floating business info & cart when scrolling down
Automatic discounts
Filter product by category
Expandable image after click
Add to cart button
Product options
Cart automatical total
Go back to listing features
Offers tab for discounts

Specify comments on the order
Combo ordering possibility
Half and half pizza ordering
Edit items on the cart
Delivery fee on the cart
Tax on cart
Minimum order information
User address for verification
Information about catalogs from the business

Checkout Page

Cart summary
Coupon code on checkout
Tip for drivers on checkout

Select payment option on checkout
User details on checkout page

Confirmation page

Track order status option
Direction for pickup

Review the placed order
Confirmation for a placed order

Business App

Orders Listing
Business currency from each order on the dashboard
Orders classification by status
Show orders button

Accept or Reject Orders
Sort orders by number, date, and city
Multiple orders status
Order details screen

Discount Tools

Discounts coupons
Multiple payment options
Discount coupons dashboard
Search filter by discount id, Code, expiry date
Edit coupons
Validity days
Max coupon use
% discount

Delivery date and time
Quick option to enable/disable coupons
Add Coupons option on checkout
Delete coupons
Minimum purchase
Fixed price discount
Assign 1 or multiple businesses

Automatic Discounts Tools

Automatic Discount dashboard
Search filter by discount id, name, business name
Edit Coupons (automatic discounts)
Validity days (automatic discounts)
Minimum purchase (automatic discounts)
% discount (automatic discount)

Quick option to enable/disable coupons
Add coupons
Delete coupons (automatic discounts)
Discount text (automatic discounts)
Fixed price discount (automatic discounts)
Assign 1 or multiple business (automatic discount)

Business Management

Business Dashboard
Clone Business Option
Estimated delivery time
Business list features business
Business header
Categories management by business

Reviews Configuration
Tax Management
Estimated pickup time
Business Name
Enable/ Disable categories

Menu and Schedule

Multiple Menus/catalogs
Business Opening/Closing time

Multiple Schedule per business


Product Name
Product Description
Featured products/dishes
Combo options
Conditional Product Options
Half and Half Pizza Ordering (Products dashboard)

Product Images
Product options
Size Options
No price product
Pizza Builder options

Notifications & Payment Options

Order notification options by business

Payment Gateways options by business

Logistics and Drivers

Drivers Manager, groups and drivers dashboard
Restaurant or business drivers management
Create/Edit/delete driver group
Enable / Disable driver Manager
Enable / Disable Orders

Your drivers or any company
Create/Edit/delete drivers Manager
Enable/disable a group of drivers
Search filter driver groups
Search filter drivers manager

GPS position tracking

Drivers GPS tracking URL
Integrations to power up your logistics system

Real time orders tracking

Flow Tools

Assign driver to order
Drivers confirm orders delivery time directly from their phone
Sort by map zone id, name, fee

Search filter by map zone name or id
Multi-delivery zone dashboard
Business confirm preparation time directly from their phone

Delivery configuration

Multi Delivery zones by google maps polygon
Delivery fee by google maps polygon area
Assign one or multiple business per map zone
Draw delivery zone
Multi Delivery zones by kms/miles
Enable /disable by kms/miles radio
Search filter by kms/miles zone id, name
Delivery minimum purchase by kms/miles radio zones.
Multiple fee ranges by kms/miles radio
Multi Delivery zones by zip code
Enable / Disable by zip code
Delivery fees by zip code

Create/edit/delete zones by map
Delivery minimum purchase required by google maps polygon area
Enable / Disable map zone
Pinpoint map area
Create Edit /delete zones by km/ miles radio
Sort by Radio zone id, name
Delivery fees by km/miles radio
Assign one or multiple businesses per km/miles radio zone
Create / Edit/ Delete zone by zip code
Search filter by zip code or id
Assign one or multiple businesses per zip code

Neighborhood zones

Multiple Zones by Neighborhood/Area
Sort by Area / Neighborhood Zone id, name, minimum purchase
Delivery time schedule by Area/ Neighborhood
Delivery fee by Area/neighborhood
Assign one or multiple businesses per area/neighborhood zone

Search filter by Area / Neighborhood zone id, name
Enable / disable by area/ neighborhood
Minimum purchase by Area Neighborhood
Assign one or multiple areas/neighborhoods by zone

Admin Panel

Full-featured panel
Fully responsive admin panel
Restaurant /Business Manager

Multi-Language available
Edit profile

Multiple Administration Areas

Super Admin Panel
Business Admin Panel
Driver Admin Panel

City Admin Panel
Drivers Manager Admin Panel

Users Management Tool

User Dashboard
Search filter users by name, email Sort by users id, name, email
Create / Edit/ Delete Super Administrator
Create / Edit/ Delete Business Administrator

Enable / Disable users
Export User
Create / Edit/ Delete City Administrator
Create / Edit/ Delete Customer

Countries and Cities Manager

Countries and Cities Dashboard
Enable / Disable Country
Add / Edit / Delete City

Add / Edit / Delete Country
Enable / Disable City
Search filter by city, city admin

Language Management

World wide languages compatibility
Static admin language management
Select language drop down on user front end
Enable/Disable languages as you wish
Set language by short-code
Translate system in over 20 languages

Static language management
Create / Edit / Delete languages
Select Language drop-down on panel
Languages search filter
Set default language option

CMS page

Create static pages or blog posts
Enable / Disable static pages
Create a custom URL
WYSIWYG editor

Create/Edit /Delete static pages
Sort pages by id, name or heading
Assign to footer menu
SEO Friendly

Admin Settings

Business admin permission to see users
Service fee %
GPRS printer settings
Meta keywords
Distance in Kms or Miles?
Default site timezone
Site Url

City admin permission to see users
Time format
Meta description
Help page link
Default site currency
Site email form
Site Name

Business Page Capabilities

Business Page Header
Business Page Footer
Minimum Quantity
Popular business Settings

Business Page Progress bar
Business Images
Email title Settings
Delivery by City

Custom checkout fields

Customizable checkout fields
Required or not required fields
Last Name
Full address
Area / Neighborhood
Discount Coupon
Receive SMS

Display or Hide fields
Where did you found about us
Tip for the Driver
Checkout Confirmation

OrderingOnlineSystem apps

Service Fee

Decimal points management

Analytics and statistics apps

Google analytics for your site
Google analytics for each business

Google analytics for each city
Crazy Egg

Marketing apps

Live Chat inc

Olark Live Chat

Notifications apps

POS with push notifications (coming soon)
Email notifications management

Push notifications on admin panel

Payment Gateways

Display payment gateways to all / multiple/single businesses
Cash on delivery or pickup

Custom Payment Gateway
Debit or credit card on delivery or pickup

With any existing website

Integrate on any existing website

Business Facebook Page Ordering


Default Modern Theme
Theme customization available
More templates coming very soon

More Designer Themes
Enable/disable system type

Static Page elements

Top links block
Amazing apps block
After footer block
Contact form
Top social icons links block
Food of the week block

Select language block
Footer block
Static Pages
Go back navigation
How it works to block
User’s Location Map

Users features

Users Signup
Users Password Recovery